In Between

Photo by A. de Santis (Unsplash)

Our house doesn’t feel much like home anymore. The halls are empty and the walls are bare. What was once my sanctuary will become someone else’s home. It feels a little unsettling.

My husband and I are preparing to move from Oregon to our new home in California. We are excited about the new prospects but today we are living in between, remembering what was while anticipating what will be. We are leaving good friends but headed home to family, old friends, and future chosen family. We will bring all the memories, fulfilled and fledgling dreams, and lessons learned but look toward the new God will do in and through us. It is a funny juxtaposed position we find ourselves, letting go of all that made up our lives, what was familiar and constant, to gain an uncharted future.

This move has stirred up some unexpected emotions. Saying goodbye is always hard but surprisingly that isn’t where I’m finding the angst. If the past few years have taught me anything, it has shown me that true friendships can flourish under the most difficult situations. A few 100 miles will not break the bonds and we have some wonderful technology to help bridge the gaps. And my feelings aren’t coming from leaving the familiar for the unknown. We are headed home, to an area I grew up around. It doesn’t look like it did some 20 years ago, but I’m excited about our new town’s opportunities.

I think the emotion is coming from knowing God is working and not being fully aware of what He’s doing. He is using this move to shift my heart, reignite my mind, and move my husband and me into a new season. A time of surrender and dependence.

In between times have littered my life. Those spaces between the loss and the hope of something new. The anticipation that waiting brings and the questions of “what if.” I’ve found that it is during these transition times that my faith is stretched and I become more aware of my need to depend on the one unchanging truth,

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. 

Hebrews 13:8

The truth of Jesus’ consistency, settles my anxiety and provides a stable foundation.

I wonder if you have ever found yourself in between? Perhaps you are wandering through what feels like wastelands and you are waiting for life to turn the corner and provide new opportunities. Maybe you are going through a season where boxes are cluttering your hallways and your rooms are unrecognizable, or could it be the clutter you are experiencing comes from unanswered prayers and you are lost in the surrounding chaos?

Wherever you may find yourself you can rely on this one unchangeable reality, God is right there with you in the midst of the uncertainty. You may not feel His presence but our God is not a feeling. Our God is the creator of all things and He knows exactly what you need. You can rely on Him and trust that He will provide.

So for today, I will sit with this excited uneasiness, continue to prepare for our move, and look forward to what God will do.

I encourage you to do the same.

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