Allison and her dog Titus

Hi, my name is Allison – welcome to BeLoved.

As women, we are bombarded by the influences of this world. Whether it is the things we watch, listen to, or read, our circle of friends, or our family, they all shape how we see ourselves and influence our personal definition.

Yet for some of us, this information produces an internal struggle. A battle that often leads to a common fear; am I good enough, smart enough, pretty enough – do I have value?

Each woman may state their fear using different words, but the bottom line is they define themselves based on a set of ever-changing circumstances.

I have to confess that I am one of these women. My value was in what I could accomplish – the success of my team, building new buildings and better programs, or conquering the 60-hour workweek. It was based on a world’s definition that I could no longer sustain and over time no longer appealed to me.

As women, we often define ourselves by what we do, our children’s success, or our physical image. However, what happens when how we define ourselves, our source of value, is no longer a part of our life; the image no longer aligns with our beliefs, or reflects who we want to be?

At BeLoved, we will wrestle with these tough questions, find comfort in our humanity, and hopefully inspire one another to find the courage to take off our masks and live lives of true meaning and value.

Be assured that the path will be hard at times, but God promises He will never leave you.

He has a plan for your life.

You are His BeLoved.

I hope you join me on this journey of discovery.

Be Blessed,

Signature - Allison