Reflections on Change

Photo by J. Tinneberg

It has been 3 weeks since our moving pods were packed and placed on a truck headed to California. Today all the boxes are unpacked, pictures are hanging on the walls of our new home, and the cars are sitting in the garage. (Unfortunately, we can barely open the car doors but the cars are in the garage.)

It has been a whirlwind the past few weeks yet God has been so visible in the midst of this amazing storm.

The journey started with a single question from my husband, “Would you stay in Oregon if….?” and culminated with God orchestrating the purchase of our new home, followed by the sale of our old home. And in between, we have watched him dry stormy roads for safe passage, change tired attitudes, bring laughter to weary minds, reveal the location of lost treasured housewarming gifts, and deepen the commitment of a 42-year marriage.  

It has been a time of significant change and labored growth. Yet, there is a sweetness in the shift.

Since the first day I walked into our new home, I’ve experienced a peacefulness. A quiet calm fills my heart as I move through the space and I can’t help but wonder what God has planned for our arrival in this place. I am excited to see what he will do as my husband and I continue to nestle into this little spot we now call home.

I’ve moved a lot in my adult life. All purposeful events with generally good outcomes. Some moves forced me to break unhealthy ties, others offered career advancement, while still others provided financial benefits. But this move is different, this move feels like we are going home. A final resting place for lives that are weary from their roaming.

I mentioned the walls of our new home now hold our artwork and family photos, all our treasures are on display, and candles grace table tops and bookshelves. Yet, it all feels different and fresh. The shift has given me a unique perspective and I appreciate how the old has become new again. It is such a beautiful example of how God works – taking our old brokenness and loving us into newness.

This move has been good for my soul. Although my heart will always ache for the family and friends that remain in Oregon, each one of you will never be too far away. I have tucked a piece of you away in my heart and I carry you with me throughout my day.  

But I wonder what move you are in the middle of. You may not be uprooting all your personal belongings and physically moving. But perhaps subtle shifts and changes are occurring that will profoundly impact your attitude and actions. The new job or the loss of a loved career. A new diagnosis or the healing from a long-term illness.  Maybe it is the excitement of a new relationship or the devastation of one that has died. Whatever shift you are going through there is an opportunity to see it through fresh eyes, a new perspective, and find hope in the transitions.

I want to encourage you to take a little time today to reflect on the changes happening in your life. I pray that you see God beautifully orchestrating all the pieces and that your perspective gradually refocuses on him.

Be blessed his BeLOVED,

4 thoughts on “Reflections on Change

  1. Andrea Caldentey

    You so beautifully and elegantly conveyed this season you and Mac are experiencing. I’m so thankful to hear this wonderful news and pray His continued rich-blessings flow as He settles you and prepares you for what is next!


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