Who Am I ? A Journey of Self-Awareness to Know The I AM

Photo by J. Sanchez


The purpose of this 10 session workshop is to help women develop a deeper communion with God and further their spiritual transformation through a disruptive journey of self-awareness.

Each gathering is designed to bring a better understanding of self with the intention of building dependence on God.

We do not offer self-help, self-improvement, or self-actualization. Rather, we believe transformation is only possible through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It requires a continual yielding to the transforming power of his Holy Spirit that dwells within all who acknowledge him as Savior. 

We recognize as women, we often struggle to know why we do what we do and we each have areas within our hearts we keep hidden from ourselves, others, and even God. The journey will take participants to some of those hidden places to discover God is already there. As a loving Shepherd, he longs for us to trust him to bring transformation where wounds have taken root. We will grow in our awareness of his presence and our dependence on his power to discover he alone is able to free us from the unhealthy patterns controlling our lives. We will learn to identify and silence the lies we have believed and learn to rest in his promises. The Discovery Journey should lead us to enjoy the beauty of being one with him. 

A Discovery Group is not a bible study but we believe participants’ love for Jesus will grow deeper as they experience the joy of knowing they are fully known and fully loved.

Sessions include a teaching segment, personal learning labs to engage with the material, and group discussions. 

Meeting Logistics

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Time: //////P.M.

Location: 616 NW Arizona Ave, Bend Oregon

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To access weekly session videos, click the link below. This will take you to drop box where you can download the videos.



Bible Gateway LINK


You shall have no other gods before me 
Exodus 20:3 (NIV)



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