Favorite Things

Photographer Unknown

I have never been fashion conscious, but I know comfortable. And that is where the story of my favorite pair of pants begins.

I found this amazing pair of JJill khakis at a thrift store. I like the designer because she makes clothes that fit a woman’s body. What a find, the perfect size, amazing price, and great feel. They immediately became my favorite pair of pants.

I have to admit, I wear them a lot, well until…

Did you know that cotton fabric is not made to last forever? I know; I was surprised as well.

Fast forward a few years and unfortunately, the first holes appeared. One on each knee. But, these are my favorite pants – I had to do something.

So, each knee was adorned with a swatch of burgundy and cream fabric. Adding a little character, reflecting my creative side, making them special.

No longer useful for everyday wear, they made a great pair of gardening, special projects, and artsy endeavors pants.

During a day in the garden, hole number three appeared on the bottom, another patch applied. Then, I noticed the fabric was thinning on the thigh of each leg, holes four and five surfaced. Not just tiny gaps but fraying from seam to seam. More patches applied and now there was more burgundy and cream than the original khaki.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t give them up, so comfortable, eclectic, embellished in memories.

Then a painting project and with each knee bend or thigh raise, the fabric gave way, leaving holes six and seven. At this point, my husband started preparing my heart for what he thought was the inevitable, “Your pants are done, give them up!” Such. A. Sensitive. Man.

More fabric applied.

My favorite pair of pants no longer has visible weaknesses, legs and bottom reinforced. I want to believe they have a few more projects left in them.

I know you can relate each of us has that one favorite thing we just don’t want to give up. A well-loved T-shirt frayed around the edges, so thin skin peeks through. That special pair of shoes, soles peeling away from upper. Your first car. The trunk no longer closes completely but it runs, if only occasionally. The faded baseball cap, reminding you of when you stretched your arm just long enough to catch that stray ball. All memories – never let them go. There are treasures embedded in each.

We all need the familiar, the well-worn. Something that reminds us of who we are, the pasts we’ve overcome. A small thing that provides a little comfort for the unknown of the future. There’s no problem with holding on, just remember to do so loosely. Consider your past as you build the future and don’t forget to adorn each minute with bits of your heart, making them your own.  

 My favorite pair of pants is folded neatly in the closet. They are a reminder that another adventure is coming soon.

Photo by A. McCormick

Be Blessed,

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