Uninvited Guest

All photos by A. McCormick

Front doors tell a lot about the people that live behind them. Some are adorned with beautiful words that invite us to share life with the occupants – “In this house…We love unconditionally.” Others wear wreaths, changed as the seasons dictate. Some doors remain bare, leaving us to wonder what’s contained within.

The wreath on our door is meant to invite people to come in and rest. It tells our guests you are welcomed here, we care about you, you are home.

This month we had an unexpected guest. She knocked gently on our door, so softly we never heard the sound. Yet she was drawn by our front door wreath. She knew she had found a home.

By the time we recognized our visitor had arrived, she had moved all her belongings to the door. Making it very difficult to navigate from the front porch to the house. In addition to her personal belongings, she brought her 5 little ones, all decked out in light blue. Each one looked just like the next, making it a little difficult to recognize who was who.   

I called my husband, come meet the family, and has he rounded the corner of our garage, she unexpectantly swooped in. She wanted to thank him for the home we provided for her and her flock.

Our porch was suddenly full, my husband and I, momma and 5 babies, and how can I forget our dog.

My husband gathered his composer, repositioned the furniture to accommodate the new family, and smiled my direction. We made certain everyone knew where the food was kept and pointed out the blue bath. And as the family settled into their new space, my husband and I discussed a few changes we would need to make to assure our guests were comfortable and felt safe. We will keep the dog away, and be careful not to use the front door – too much noise for the babies.

We don’t know how long this beautiful family will be with us but we are so excited that they picked our house, our front door. We will watch over them until they are ready to leave and then we will miss them – perhaps they will visit to let us know how they are doing.

So many changes to accommodate this brood. But what joy they have brought. Each day we check-in to see how everyone is doing and encourage momma, it’s a tough job to have 5 little ones under your wing.

Just when you think life has settled down, a nice routine hum to your day, God gives you a little drama to challenge you. Six new lives under our roof, His gift to show us the beauty that surrounds our lives.

Even during times ravaged by a pandemic or set ablaze by anger and frustration, He still finds ways to reassure us. He whispers, “You are not doing this alone. I’ve got you.”  

For us, he sent a family. Just the reminder we needed. They took up residence in our wreath, a fitting home for a house fence and her 5 eggs. Nestled in the curve of our front door wreath, a gentle reminder that life goes on. God’s creation goes on, unimpressed by the drama of the moment.  

Momma was not available for this picture, but her 5 babies are doing great. All resting safely in a nest in the curve of our front door wreath.

I will never doubt that God isn’t aware of our circumstances or that He doesn’t care about His creation. He gives us opportunity after opportunity to see Him in the simplicity of our days if we keep our heart and eyes open.

Look at the birds. They do not plant seeds. They do not gather grain. They have no grain buildings for keeping grain. Yet God feeds them. Are you not worth more than the birds?

Luke 12:24 New Life Version (NLV)

Be Blessed His BeLOVED and never forget, you are loved, cherished by your Father!

3 thoughts on “Uninvited Guest

  1. Stacia Cruz

    What an unexpected gift to get to have this family make its home on your front door wreath! Keep us updated as to when they hatch!


  2. Lisa Zimmerman

    I love this and it was exactly the kind of uplifting news I needed to read today. Thank you for sharing your life and gift. xo


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