Love is…

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Theresa and Jason have been married for a few years. But if you were to meet them, casually watch their interaction, you would think they were newlyweds. Both are widowed, have grown children, grandchildren, and a passion for service.

It has been a difficult year. Theresa had multiple surgeries, leaving her physically weak, a little anxious about what was next, and occasionally sad – too many physical insults for one person to endure.

They both share an amazing faith in God and if given a chance they will share the miracles He has worked in their lives individually and as a couple.

It had been a week since Theresa’s last surgery and Jason had to go out of town to help his daughter move. He had orchestrated coverage for his night away – early morning injections, lunch and dinner cooked and tucked neatly into the refrigerator, evening injections, and visits from friends to keep her company.

You can probably guess, Jason pays great attention to the details when it comes to his bride. He conducted calls with those participating in her care, reviewing the details, and answering questions. The care plan was in place. He would pack and be on his way.

Theresa had a follow-up doctor’s appointment on Tuesday afternoon, the day Jason was scheduled to return. He had it covered – the driver would arrive at 1:30 PM for a 2:30 PM appointment, and he would make it home that evening.

Theresa and Jason had been communicating as he made the 8+-hour trip from Northern California to Oregon. However, he had left a little detail out of their conversation.

It was 1:30 PM and the driver arrived, Theresa finished dressing, climbed into the car, and headed to the hospital. They drove up to the entrance of the building and then…

Jason stepped out from behind a support pillar, carrying a bouquet of light pink roses, smiling – the way a new groom smiles at his beloved bride.

Jason started his journey at 4:30 AM to make certain he was at Theresa’s doctor’s appointment. He kept the secret to himself during their conversations and the look on Theresa’s face said it all – I am loved, valued; I am special to this man.

Jason wouldn’t think of Theresa attending this appointment alone. He needed to, wanted to be by her side. Even when it meant he started his drive in the early morning hours, driving through the lonely miles– one goal in mind, his bride.

1 Corinthians 13:4-5 reminds us,

(4) Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud (5) or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged.

Jason and Theresa’s love is a wonderful example of God’s instruction on how to love – sacrificially, patiently, making the other the priority. They share in the hard times, support during the darkest moments, and love unconditionally.

I think this couple will always be newlyweds – excited about each interaction God gives them, knowing that each is an amazing gift from a loving Father.

These types of relationships are not everyone’s reality. In fact, some of us are in relationships that bring nothing but sorrow and pain. They tear us down and leave little room to see God’s loving example.

Others of us are walking through life without a partner. Whether this is by choice, death, or divorce, you do not share the companionship and support from a physical partner – life is lonely, nights filled with fears and anxiety.

Dear Sisters, I lived in all these camps. Bound to a man that was mentally abusive, single and fearful, and then contently, joyfully married.

There is hope.

The constant I found throughout all my circumstances, the constant you can find through your journey, is that God loves you.

And this hope will not lead to disappointment. For we know how dearly God loves us, because he has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with his love.
Romans 5:5

BeLOVED, rest in God’s amazing love.

He will be your Husband, Brother, loving Father.

He will meet you; arms open wide, at the intersections of your life where your journey collides with the world.

He offers hope.

He offers unconditional love, trust Him.

Be blessed,

Signature - Allison

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