A Life-Altering, Future-Shaping, Present-Shaking Call

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OK, I am going to confess something to you and I’m not certain how you’re going to take it but stick with me!

I really like the movie Baby Boom. I mean, I REALLY – like – the – movie! I saw it the first time as a new release in 1987 and watch it periodically because, well – I REALLY like the movie.

Perhaps you aren’t familiar with this epic tale. The movie stars Diane Keaton as J.C. Wiatt, a successful advertising executive that seemingly has the world in the palm of her hand. She has a powerful position in a prestigious firm and is being considered for partnership. She is financially secure, lives in a stunning New York flat, and has a relationship with a man that is her professional and financial equal. She has it all – until…

One night she receives a call that her distant cousin has left her an inheritance. Coming from a wealthy family, J.C. is certain it is a monetary gift but instead, she learns her cousin and his wife were killed and the inheritance is a toddler, a little girl!

Needless to say, this announcement shakes J.C.’s world and as the movie unfolds brings this powerful woman to her breaking point. A point that forces her to make a decision – continue to work towards the world’s definition of power or to follow this yearning, deep calling to make a change, go a different direction.

We all experience situations that force us to reassess our path, our purpose, and drives us to question the future direction of our lives. It is in the midst of these situations that we have an opportunity to evaluate our source of purpose and value and usually these times lead to significant change.

We find in the book of Esther, a similar life-altering, future-shaping, present-shaking call.

Esther was a beautiful young woman that had been adopted by her uncle Mordecai after her parents died. They were Jews living in Persia. Mordecai worked in the palace and gained favor with King Xerxes after alerting him to a potential assassination plot.

Through a set of what I will call God-ordained circumstances, Esther becomes Queen. So just to be clear, we have a Persian King with a Jewish Queen – not common in that day. But in Esther 2:10 and 4:20, we learn something interesting. Esther had not shared her nationality with King Xerxes or his staff – hold onto this little fact as it will be important moving forward.

As the story unfolds, Mordecai makes a decision to honor God and not bow to the demands of King Xerxes’ second in command and the most powerful official in the empire, Haman. This encounter results in Haman convincing the king that Jews should be killed and sets into motion a decree that would result in the annihilation of all Jews in the empire.

To protect her people, Queen Esther reveals her nationality to the King and asks for mercy for herself and her people. She also reveals the evil intent of Haman resulting in him being executed. This young woman makes the difficult choice to stand for her God and not be swayed by the power and wealth that surrounded her.

God presented a challenge to Esther, a life-altering, a nation-altering decision. She was forced to face the potential loss of her privilege, status, comfort, everything the world defines as success as King Xerxes’ Queen to stand for God and His people. This decision changed everything; it brought the unjust to justice, freedom to those in bondage, and opened the eyes of a King that had been blinded by greed and power.

The obedience of one woman, her willingness to sacrifice her own life and put aside her personal plans, to take a different path allowed a nation of people to survive!

J.C. went against the pressures of the world to seek after personal success; deciding instead to keep her cousin’s toddler and move to the country. She shifted her value and purpose from being a corporate legend to loving and providing for her daughter. Her obedience to this new calling did result in success – a balanced life, a loving relationship, and the recognition of a new dream.

Baby Boom is a simple movie and even though it is not a Christian film, it carries a thoughtful reminder. Our value as women is not what we do; it is not our financial security, our status, or our material possessions.

Ladies, the story of Esther helps us to understand the origin of real value. Real value comes from a relationship with a mighty God and obedience to His will for our lives.

Don’t get me wrong, God will call some of us to positions of power, corporate success, and financial/material abundance but those things are not what we are to seek after. They are mere outcomes of our relationship with a loving father, obedience to our King.

In Matthew 6:33 it states:

Seek the kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.

      New Living Translation (NLT)

It is all a gift from a God that loves us more than is humanly possible. Don’t be deceived ladies, we are God’s BeLOVED and just like J.C., just like Esther, God has a plan for who you are, how he created you, and all your life experiences.

Please, don’t settle for anything less than God’s absolute best!

Take a few minutes to think about and reflect on the following:

What, who is defining the direction of your life? ilker-simsekcan-1249592-unsplash

What has you wrapped up so completely that you can’t hear God’s gentle instruction, His direction for your life?

Who is speaking into your life, affirming or challenging you to follow your God-given yearning to serve?

What fear, barrier, lie do you need to walk away from, change, redirect to be able to fully experience God’s purpose for your life?

Have a wonderful week Ladies, I am praying for you, and please remember you are God’s daughter — the Daughter of a King.

You are His BeLOVED!


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