As a mentor and coach, as well as working with women in crises, I have had the privilege to work with women that represent every socioeconomic class, educational level, financial means, and age range. They are our mothers, daughters, sisters, and best friends.

What is interesting to me is that many of these women share a common fear; am I good enough, smart enough, pretty enough – do I still have value? They all may state this fear using different words but the bottom line is their circumstances have changed. They have lost the thing that defines them, the thing that gives them purpose – they have lost their way.

I am one of these women. I wanted children but could not have them, had a busy career and now am retired. My value was in what I could accomplish – the success of my team, building a new facility/program, or enduring the 60-hour workweek. It was based on a world’s definition that no longer appealed to me and that I could no longer sustain.

As women, we often define ourselves by what we do, our children’s success, or our physical image. However, what happens when how we define ourselves, our source of value and purpose, is no longer a part of our life; it no longer aligns with our beliefs, or reflects who we want to be?

Come join us as we learn to define our value as women not based on a shifting world standard but rather on a relationship with the person of Jesus. Allowing our lives to be fully transformed.

This is the focus of BeLoved, encouraging and inspiring women to recognize they are uniquely created by God to know Him and reflect His love and grace to the world.